1999: Interview on BBC World

Interviewed on BBC World in 1999 for one of the young Industrial designers from India.

2009: UX conference, Seoul

With Sir Don Norman at Research conference in Seoul, South Korea

2012: Intel, USA

With Sir Don Norman - Author of "Design of Everyday Things" at Intel USA

Design Thinking workshop

I have been conducting many design thinking workshops in my office and external at conference. Here is a recording of the same.

2005: UPA Baltimore, USA

from left Steve Kurg, Jakob Nielsen, Nigel Bevan, Aaron Marcus

Sameer  and nigel bevan

Nov 2019: Design Thinking for Project Managers, Chennai

Humbled to speak in front of 400 senior Project Managers. Thanks for the opportunity

Nov 2020 : UX Masterclass- Peeopledesign

Designing for Super Apps

Presented on the anatomy of supper apps and how the Asian market is driving this concept where you have all-in-one products like commerce, food, medicine, flight tickets, hotels, grocery, movies, payments and BNPL, etc

Sept 2020 : IXD Conclave NID : Multimodal interactions

Sep 2020 : VoiceTech- The advantages of voice recognition for Retail and E-Commerce


Highlight on how voice enabled commerce can break the litracy barrier in India for tier 2 cities for shopping on mobile apps

Nov 2020 : IndiaHCI 2020 - Importance of design system.

Panel members

1)Victoria Stanbach : Informatica

2) Sameer Chavan : FLIPKART

3) Pradeep Joseph: [24]7.ai

4) Sandeep Datar: Oracle

Oct 2020 : inc42.com Product summit - https://theproductsummit.co

Dec 2019 : Machine learning talk

Oct 2019 : Product Jury

Had a great time being on the jury at Institute of Product Leadership CMIRT Bangalore last weekend. Awesome student projects.

Jun 2018 : Build for Million Users

-Venture Catalyst, Bangalore

Jun 2018 : Presentation on Product Management

– Institute of Product Leadership

NASSCOM - Feb 2017 : Design for India

Spoke on Design Thinking for Indian startup companies. http://design4india.in/

Design4India NASSCOM event SAP - Sameer Chavan

UBS Transform - Jan 2017 : Design Thinking Conclave

Presented on applying Design Thinking techniques in building creativity at http://www.ubsforums.com/

Sameer Design Thinking

Dec 2016 : HCI India Conference – IDC, IIT Mumbai

Participated in panel discussion for women in design. http://indiahci2016.org/

Design At Business - Dec 2016 : SAP

Spoke on applying design thinking at enterprise companies. https://designatbusiness.com/

UNICOM - Nov 2016 : Workshop on Design Thinking

conducting workshop on Design Thinking for engineers and product managers.

Sameer Design Thinking at unicom workshop

NASSCOM - Oct 2016 : Future of manufacturing

Joined panel discussion on applying Design Thinking to manufacturing. Discussed personalization in mass production.

sameer NASSCOM 2016 oct

From left - Regu ayyaswamy VP TCS, Prasanna Gonuguntla VP Mercedes Benz, Jim Thompson VP Unisys

Nasscom Sameer Chavan 2016 Sept

NASSCOM - Sep 2016 : BPM Strategy

Sameer NASSCOM 2016 Sept

from left - Mike Mattsen CEO MattsenKumar, Pradeep Joseph Director Bosh, Thakurdas Paul - Sr Director Manhattan Associates,

NASSCOM - Sep 2016 : Design Thinking

Nasscom Design Thinking - Sameer Chavan

Top picture from left - Pradeep Joseph Director Bosh, Saumitri UX Chief Samsung, Thakurdas Paul Sr Director Manhattan Associates

View all pictures at http://www.photosameer.com/Designtalk

IXDA 2015 Conference, San Francisco

Showcased my Intel fab worker wearable app at Intel booth.

Sameer with his wearable project displayed at Intel booth at IXDA conference
Meeting Steve again at IXDA 2015

Great to meet old time friend Steve Portigal

CHI 2012 Conference, Paris

Meeting after long time Torkil Clemmensen at CHI2013
Sameer at the registration for CHI2013

IXDA 2011 Conference, Ireland

Met friends, Steve Portigal and Daniel Szuc

UI-UX Summit 2014, Bangalore

Presented on wearable design

Mobile World 2013, Bangalore

Spoke on Mobile Design using sensors.

TeachEase 2012, Hyderabad

Student workshop at IIIT Hyderabad on mobile designs

CAUE 2008 Conference, Pune

UMO 2007 Conference, Hyderabad

Presented on "Persuasive Design" for consumer websites. Designing for cross selling and unselling. Business centric design principles and UX architecture.

UPA 2005, Hyderabad

As a president of Usability Professional's Association"https://uxpa.org", brought together different companies in Hyderabad to share knowledge and learnings in UX.

IHCI 2004, Bangalore

Presented at the first HCI India conference.