Product Design

Visual Design

User Research & Insights

Product Management

Product Design(UX)

Coming from strong product design education from IDC, IIT Mumbai along with mechanical engineering background, I am a very passionate hands-on product designer. An admirer of Bauhaus school of design and believer in eye of details. Evern after beeing at management level, I try to work hands-on for at least one of the project. I am well converstant with all design tools - figma, sketch, invision, etc.

Design Management

I have over 20yrs of experience in Design Management and driving Digital leadership at various organisations. I have led teams various types of design teams like Interaction Design, Visual Design, User Research, Content, illsutrations, front end developrs and PMs. I have helped orginizations to adopt Design Thinking process. I have collaborated with cross-org teams like Engineering, Product Mangement, Sales, Marketings, Operations, HR, etc. I have defined career paths and competency matrix for design teams.

User Research

I have setup User Research team in multiple companies. I have built usability labs and design studios. I have conducted research in India, USA, Europe and Korea. I have used reseach to bring out meaningful and actionable insights to improve customer experience and product quality. I have coducted both primary and seconday reseach. I have done contextual enquiry, customer site visits, 1:1 user interviews, focus groups, surveys and systhesis sessions.

Design Systems & VD

I have built design system that includes design standards, illustrations, visual style guide, voice & tone for messages, brand identity, user onboarding, training, etc. I have setup tools and repositires for design systems. I have good command on VD in terms of form, color, texture, proportion & ergonomics

Industrial Design

I come from Industrial Design background and Mechanical Engineering. I have worked in automotive companies designing bikes, SUVs and mini vehicles., CAD design and manufacturing process.


Human Computer Interaction (HCI): Had great opportunity to with with companies like Intel and LG R&D, where I worked on technology based UX. I have worked on wearable UX like Google Glass and Smart Watch. I have worked on Speech Interface Design/Voice user interface(VUI). I designed innovative Natural User Interface (NUI) like "Multi Modal Interactions" and Gesture interfaces. I hold UX patents

Design Thinking

Sameer is an advocate of Design Thinking and has conducted many DT workshops.

Conference Events

Sameer has published papers, patents and has been an invited speaker at many conferences and academia.