Interview on BBC World
Interviewed on BBC World in 1999 for one of the young Industrial designers from India. 

Opportunity to meet well known Persons. 

UPA Baltimore, USA

IXDA 2015 Conference San Francisco

Sameer with his wearable project displayed at Intel booth at IXDA conference Meeting Steve again at IXDA 2015

CHI 2012 Conference Paris

Meeting after long time Torkil Clemmensen at CHI2013 
Sameer at the registration for CHI2013

IXDA 2011 Conference Ireland

Presenting on User Experience at various Conferences. 

UI-UX Summit 2014, Bangalore (Wearable design)

Mobile World 2013, Bangalore (Mobile Design using sensors)

TeachEase 2012, Hyderabad

UMO 2007 Conference, Hyderabad

VIIT Conference on UE, Pune

UPA 2005, Hyderabad

IHCI 2004, Bangalore